First diagnoses can be overwhelming


The Diabetic gateway prints an article from D.L. Shearer.*

“When you’re first diagnosed with diabetes you may feel overwhelmed. It can be hard to remember how to best take care of yourself. You know you should always follow your doctor’s advice when you find out you’re diabetic, and these tips may help you to stay on the right track. Ask your doctor before trying any new program or advice.

1. Test your blood sugar (blood glucose) levels. Your doctor will explain when and how often to do the testing.

2. Always take your diabetes medicine exactly as prescribed.

3. Visit a dietitian who can design a meal plan that’s right for you.

4. Be careful to eat the right foods to control your blood sugar.

5. If your test shows you have low blood sugar, treat it quickly with your prescribed diabetes medication.

6. Keep accurate records (like a journal or diary) of all your blood tests, medicines you take, and your daily events. Always have your doctor look over your records.

7. Maintain a weight that is right for you. Your doctor will help you learn how much you should weigh.

8. Ask your doctor if you can exercise, then make sure to get physical activity.

9. If you haven’t been very active for awhile, be sure and inform your doctor, then start slowly.

10. Two recommended activities are walking and swimming.

11. Check your feet everyday for any sores, blisters, cuts, red spots or swelling. Tell your doctor immediately about any sores that don’t heal.

12. Don’t smoke cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. There are many ways to quit.

13. Continue to learn more about diabetes and diabetes self-care.

14. Make sure you have someone to talk to about your diabetes. Ask your family and friends for support. There are even diabetes support groups you can join.

15. You will always have questions about diabetes, but will you remember to ask your doctor about them? Write down any questions and take them with you to your appointments.

16. Get important health tests done regularly. Ask your doctor about the following tests, what they mean and how often you should take them: * Hemoglobin A1c test * Blood pressure checks *Cholesterol and other blood fat tests *Foot, eye, and kidney exams

17. Don’t forget to tell your dentist you have diabetes.

18. Set healthy goals for your life and break them into small steps to help you succeed.

19. Don’t forget – you can control your diabetes instead of letting it control you.

20. Watch out for temptation! Stay away from foods or activities that you know can make you sick.

21. Reward yourself for following your doctor’s plans and for staying in control of your blood sugar levels. Treat yourself to a new book, time with special friends or a drive in the country.”

*D.L. Shearer is a nonfiction writer. She has published articles online and in print on topics such as health, family and politics. Diabetes is common in her family.

Diabetic gateway connects the flow of energy to our body.


Your Diabetic Gateway is directly connected to the flow of energy in your body. This is because glucose is energy and the inability to produce insulin which is vital for the transmission of sugar to the blood cells, causes a stagnation of sugar in the blood leading to diabetes. In essence, the much-needed energy is not available to the cells. Properly oriented physical activity will help push the energy to the cells. Healthy fitness routine increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin, making it more responsive to the secreted insulin which in turn reduces the blood sugar level. Type II form of diabetes should be nipped in the bud before our body becomes completely incapable of producing insulin necessitating the need for external insulin injections.

Common Exercise Routine:

It is advisable to start on less strenuous exercises. It will take time for the body to get accustomed to the sudden change pattern. As time goes you need to gradually increase the level and difficulty of exercise. You can have the following 5 points as your starting 5 point agenda that kicks off your new fitness mantra.

1. Walk for at least 20 minutes: One of the most lethal aspect of diabetes is the way it catalyses diabetes. So any cardio vascular exercise will be helpful for diabetics. Walking makes you breathe heavily and you can feel the heart working harder. But remember that it must never lead to palpitation. If your stamina is very low for 20 minutes then shift your milestone to a lesser time duration and gradually increase it.

2. Aerobic exercises with less impact on legs: Diabetes leads to a nervous disorder called diabetic neuropathy which results in weakening of nerves. The most affected part of the body is feet. The worrying aspect of this is that the symptoms do not show up for diabetic neuropathy. So, if you feel any pain or pressure in the feet portion, then switch to swimming, bicycling and other similar aerobic exercises that do not exert pressure on legs.


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4. Emergency sugar supplement: Make sure you have enough chocolates with you always. This is not to tease your taste buds, but it is the immediate charger for your body. Sometimes, we get a little frenzied with physical exercises that we tend to go beyond the possible limit. This will drastically reduce the blood sugar levels and the effects are immediately felt in the form of giddiness and worse, fatigue. It is prudent to pop in a chocolate, immediately bring you back to normal state. Make sure you are not tempted to eat it for leisure.

5. Start the day with exercise: Being diabetic is very tricky on the body. Many times you may find yourself low on sugar levels due to heavy workouts or wrong workout at the wrong time. Owing to this unpredictability, it is best to start off your day with exercise because, after an optimum level of sleep, there cannot be much vagaries in the sugar levels and you do not have to worry about fluctuations. It sets a pattern for the body too such that the biological clock is tuned to a healthy lifestyle alleviating imbalances.

One of the factors that make diabetes a lifestyle disease is that, the response of the body to insulin is in a way determined by the lifestyle pattern. High on fats, low on exercise is the first gateway to diabetes. But, aside from this, another factor exists. This is the innate ability of the body to respond to insulin. Although, we have little control over the current response levels, it is possible to improve the response to insulin with physical activity. This will help in the long run in effective control of diabetes.

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